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This Manual Handling Course learning outcomes include; Safety techniques for lifting with L.I.T.E (load, individual, task and environment) while considering bodily forces used when lifting to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.
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Level 2
Award Winning Author

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“Easy to use layout that is clear. No speed or refresh issues were experienced. There were one or two questions which mean the same thing just said using slightly different wording. Unfortunately I can't remember what question to give an example. Jargon kept to a minimum and explained along the way if it was used. In some instances it does seem like a lot of information to take in at once before the questions round. Could this be broken down in some way, it might make the experience more interactive and therefore more easy to remember afterwards.”
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Showing 6 of the 6 included eLearning lessons in this course. The whole course takes on average 19 minutes

We take a look at examples from the workplace, and around the home, to explain how manual handling is considered "anything that involves the requirement for bodily force to move articles from one place to another", we also explore common daily occurrences that involve more significant manual handling and the considerations for individual vulnerabilities.

Learn about the structure of the spine and what happens when injuries occur.

Understand the key factors to consider before lifting or handling with our step-by-step guide to safe manual handling techniques.

Understand the methods available to control the risks associated with manual handling, with practical examples of the common activities.

We breakdown the meaning of the acronym "LITE" and the implications of each factor; Load, Individual, Task, Environment.

All trainees receive a globally recognized & subject informative Certificate of Completion as proof of successfully completing the training. Certificates are permanently stored in your account, always accessible online, and downloadable in PDF format too.

About this course
Level 2
Award Winning Author
Manual Handling Course

This online course includes all of the 6 lessons above. It is designed to develop the trainees Manual Handling skills for health and safety compliance in the workplace, providing valuable real-world learning outcomes at a high speed. It's used by individuals, groups and businesses to train their workforce across industries including Education & Schools, Manufacturing & Engineering, Offices & Business Services, Retail, Digital Services & Design, Government & Institution, Charities & NGO, Oil, Gas & Mining, Travel & Leisure, Care Homes & Domiciliary Care, Hospital Recruitment, Logistics & Maritime, among others.

Provided by Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd Training based in Norfolk, it's accessible at anytime online from an internet connected device at work or home, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. Teams have access to a highly rated LMS and all successfully completing trainees achieve a Certificate of Completion.

Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd Training

Manual Handling eLearning

Our manual handling training provides easy to grasp instruction in basic manual handling techniques, along with a greater understanding of what is actually considered manual handling, including; why and when we should be cautious.

Learning about the fundamentals of manual handling will significantly help you understand and plan to reduce lifting hazards in day-to-day activities, with consideration for the person involved, their capabilities and the environmental factors.

A simple and practical step towards workplace safety with a suitable understanding of manual handling in the working environment.

We help you to understand which factors to consider, and what action to take in various circumstances in real world scenarios.

This can-do training course focuses on providing insight to the practicalities of; day to day manual handling activities, the equipment and solutions we might use to reduce the risk of impact, rather than focusing on legislative quotes and references.

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