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Getting Started with Health and Safety

Health & Safety can sometimes feel elusive, just another thing to worry about, or even expensive and complicated - but - with a few key-features and some basic knowledge the right health and safety can measurably improve an organisation by safeguarding it's biggest assets - the people behind it.

Health & Safety knowledge should be included within daily activities and decisions of everyone rather than being just someone-else's job.

We've learnt through lifetimes of experience that the best way for nearly all types of organisations is to bring everyone onboard, getting them legally compliant and with really affordable rates.

This is why Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd Training created our easy to use and simply priced online training platform, also sometimes called eLearning courses. There's no unfavourable subscriptions or heavy commitments either, just choose the courses for you and login.

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With Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd Training you can enrol yourself or your organisations' staff on expertly authored health and safety courses, all online when it's right for you.

How Does Online Training Work?

Trainees receive a login by email, they start learning by working through the course at their own pace, and then receive a recognised and authenticated Certificate of Completion once they've successfully completed a course.

All training can be comfortably managed by an Account Manager with access to all the logs, reports and documentation created, stored and organised automatically.

Everyone who is using our eLearning is supported by real health and safety people based in Norfolk.

Although Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd Training is based in Norfolk, we offer our health and safety courses online to everyone worldwide, so don't worry if you're not based nearby - we come to you, at your convenience over the internet.

Everyone from individuals, to small teams and multi-national organisations can enrol online and learn from around the world on any internet connected device, like phones and tablets through to laptops and even on state-of-the-art Home Entertainment Gaming PCs after work.

Checkout our full list of available Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd Training health and safety eLearning courses, we usually break all our courses down into the categories; health and safety management, foundation health and safety training, medical & care courses and we've even got some free courses to get you going too. 🎁

If you're looking for something specific, try our Norfolk online courses search or contact us and talk to a person right away, we can guide you through the right health and safety for your situation today. 👩‍🎓

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